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Work From Phone


You probably work REALLY HARD for SOMEONE ELSE….

People spend hours and hours searching online for a work from home “job” or business. Understandably so! Working from home can be incredibly rewarding. It’s 2022 and now not only can you work from home, there’s something even better….WORK FROM PHONE!

What does work from phone mean? Well as long as you can answer your phone, and using the calendar is a huge plus as well, you can work from anywhere you have a signal. You could be in the mountains, at the beach, on the road or even out on the lake or the ocean!

That’s right! With a Carpet Cleaning business as long as you can answer your calls, book your appointments and even take payments, you can be anywhere in the world! And, if you have employees, you don’t even have to be there to get the work done! You simply market your business, answer the calls, schedule your jobs and your employee gets the actual work done. Don’t get me wrong…you can also do the work, but having someone doing all the “heavy lifting” is much more preferable.

Our course teaches you the carpet cleaning business so you too can work from “phone!” There are few businesses out there with as much flexibility and profitability as carpet cleaning. You make your own schedule and work when you want to work and make full time pay working part time. There are no franchise fees, or royalties. It’s your business, you’ve done the work, you’ve made the money,  you keep it. At the end of the day it about freedom, flexibility, family and keeping money in YOUR pocket!

This is NOT a STATEMENT OF INCOME. This is a example of of the POTENTIAL SALES and is for demonstration purposes only. With the exception of the $125 minimum,  and up to 3 areas ($50/area), pricing is based on $40 an area.


How much money can YOU make cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery? That is completely up to you and how you market your carpet cleaning business and how hard your are willing to work.

Schedule Your Own Hours!

Wouldn’t it be nice to work when YOU want to work, not when “the boss” says you have to be in? Are you tired of getting up at four, or five or six o’clock in the morning to go work for someone else?

If you want to be on the job at 8 am, that is completely up to you. Do you want to be off by 3 pm so you can pick up you kids from school and take them to practice or “the game?” That’s completely up to you!

We teach YOU how to be the BOSS. YOU make your schedule, or YOUR employees’ schedules. We teach you how you can make amazing money cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Tired of your boss?
Tired of traffic?
How much are you worth?
How much are you making right now?
What are you going to do differently?
How can you change what you do?

A carpet cleaning business is GREAT for Firefighters and Veterans! We even offer a discount for those who serve(d). THANK YOU!

Using most of the same equipment you can also clean hardwood and linoleum floors! Adding both of the surfaces drastically increases the amount of business you can do.

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