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Ask These Questions Before Buying A Citrus Carpet Cleaning Franchise

Before you spend TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on a citrus carpet cleaning business, ask THESE questions:

Have YOU even heard of the “brand” you’re currently looking into?
There is a carpet cleaning franchise that uses a citrus cleaning solution that has been in Atlanta for more than 30 YEARS, and RARELY do you speak to someone in Atlanta who’s even heard of them.

Probably the MOST important question is “is there any online or digital marketing?” If there IS, what kind, how much, how often, those kinds of things.

Am I solely responsible for marketing my business?

Does a full-functioning, SEO optimized website come with my purchase?

Do I get any leads from the the main/corporate office?

What kind of marketing, if any, does the Franchisor do for the franchisees?

How many locations have gone OUT of business?

How many locations have changed their name and continued the same business?

How many locations did you buy back?

Have you ever sued any of your territory owners?

How many times has the cost of the cleaner I am required to purchase increased?

Are there any limitations on the cost of the cleaner?

Are there any royalties or monthly fees? If so, what do those fees go to?

How is my area protected or exclusive?

What are the consequences of working outside the purchased territory?

Do you have any examples of the territory rules being enforced?

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