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Best Carpet Spot Cleaner For Dogs

How To Clean Up After A Pet Accident

The most important thing about a carpet spot cleaner is that it is NOT soapy of foamy.

Almost all carpet spot cleaners we’ve seen are soapy or foamy. They also all seem to come in bottles you can’t see through. Most people associate soap with clean, and the associate MORE soap with CLEANER. But when it comes to carpet, soap equals sticky and sticky equals dark, dingy, discolored carpets or spots. Spots that won’t go away, or keep coming back. Or spots that get bigger.

Even most home shampooers come with a soapy detergent.

Pet owners think surely the pet store will have something that works. Well they usually carry all the same things every other store stocks. Soapy, foamy cleaners!

You might be asking yourself, “How do I know if it’s soapy?” It’s simple really. And you can do it AT the store before you buy it. Shake up the bottle. If you hear it, feel it or see it (unlikely because the bottles aren’t clear) suds or foam up, IT’S SOAPY!

We don’t recommend soapy products because of all the problems we see with them, but we know some people just have to have something soapy. If that IS the case, rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse. And keep rinsing until you don’t see any more suds or foam. It stands to reason that if you keep using the same product and your spots keep coming back, you’re cleaning up after your carpet spot cleaner.Best Carpet Spot Cleaner For Dogs

Think of it this way, you wouldn’t leave shampoo in your hair, so why do it to your carpet?



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Best Carpet Spot Cleaner for DogsPet Friendly Carpet Cleaning Atlanta GA