Cleans Better, Dries Faster, Stays Cleaner Longer, and It Smells Great!

Citrus Carpet Cleaning Business

Citrus Carpet Cleaning Has Been Shaking Up a $5.9 Billion Industry!

Investing in a carpet cleaning business is a no-brainer for entrepreneurs.

Carpet cleaning hasn’t changed a lot since carpet became popular in the 1960s. The industry is dominated by brands that “clean” carpets by soaking them in soap and water for several hours, leaving behind carpets full of residue and a persistent mildew smell that seem to never go away.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Citrus Carpet Cleaning is bringing the carpet cleaning industry into the future. With a proprietary deep cleaning process that uses 90% less water than traditional methods, Citrus Carpet Cleaning has solved two problems that have plagued the industry for decades: the wet issue and residues. Now, Citrus Carpet Cleaning is teaching people just like you to be the dominant player in the carpet cleaning industry for good. Citrus Carpet Cleaning Process