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Carpet Cleaning EXACT-imate
Citrus Carpet Cleaning

What the heck is an EXACT-imate?

An EXACT-imate is the price you are quoted IS the price you pay, or your carpet cleaning is FREE!

Most of the time potential customers ask for,  or are given an “estimate” by a carpet cleaner. A lot of the time they ASK for a quote or ask for a “ball park.” We would like to change the industry so people EXPECT to pay what they are quoted instead of expecting to pay MORE.


You tell us how many areas (bedrooms, hallways, flights of stairs, living room, dining room, sunroom, etc.) you have, we will give you a per area price AND a TOTAL price. We always give a TOTAL price AND a per area price because customers often miscount how many areas they have or the add areas once we start cleaning.

We work hard every day for

Please fill out the form below and we will TEXT you your EXACT-imate. If you prefer email, please let us know. You can also send us a text to 770.652.0630 with your name, zip code and number of areas you’d like cleaned and we’ll text your EXACT-imate as soon as we can. Your EXACT-imate will be based on payment by cash or check.

We do take credit cards, but there is a 9% charge for credit/debit cards.
6% for the new “App Tax” and 3% for the actual credit card. We DO NOT control these fees.