Cleans Better, Dries Faster, Stays Cleaner Longer, and It Smells Great!

Why Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

There are over 126 million households in the United States, a large chunk of which are covered by beautiful yet hard-to-clean carpets. With many homeowners not up to the task of maintaining their carpets, cleaning is outsourced to professionals. In fact, the American carpet cleaning industry is a $4.8-billion market that continues to grow every year. Why?

Because cleaning is a job that never goes away.

On top of that, homeowners across the country lay more than 14 billion square feet of carpet, all of which should be cleaned regularly. Starting a carpet cleaning business, therefore, is a lucrative venture.

Big players are rare in this industry. Carpet cleaning is dominated by 40,000 small, independently owned businesses. The reason? About 80% of carpet cleaning customers are residential customers. They look specifically for local businesses that relate to their needs and offer a personal touch. There are also offices, motels, medical and dental clinics, spas, and other businesses with carpeted waiting rooms in need of regular cleaning.

As an aspiring businessperson, you’re in the perfect position to start a carpet cleaning business. Let’s take look at the advantages of a carpet cleaning business.

Carpet Cleaning: The Business You Can Run From Your Home

Our “students” enjoy a lot of perks on top of huge earnings (which we’ll discuss later). When you start a carpet cleaning business from home, you get to:

  • Work from Home. You don’t need office space or warehouses. All you need is a safe, clean space where you can store your equipment. You can take time off whenever you want.
  • Keep Your Job. You don’t have to quit your day job. You can just allocate a few hours of the week to do carpet cleaning. You schedule your jobs when you want to work.
  • Start with One Employee: You. One-man or -woman “team” usually earn more profit because they don’t pay technicians. Some of our affiliates are also husband-and-wife tandems who keep all their profits.



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* What and where to get equipment and supplies, etc.

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