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Business For Firefighters


Thank you for your bravery and your service!

One of the benefits of working as a firefighter is the scheduling – working 12 or 24 hours on and four days off means you’ll have a good chunk of time away from work. Often, tacking on a second job to fill off-time makes sense, not to mention side jobs are a brilliant way to cushion a modest firefighter paycheck. Carpet cleaning provides one of the best side jobs, with especially flexible schedules, for firefighters.

We have designed this business so you can work from your phone making full time pay working part time!

We believe we have come up with a simple, easy, profitable, low maintenance business.

Citrus Carpet Cleaning currently offers FREE video customization (a $1250.00 VALUE) when you purchase our carpet cleaning and floor care course (for only $99.00) to help you get started in the carpet cleaning business for your service and dedication! Many of firefighters have part-time jobs/businesses, ie landscaping, that are not only seasonal, but “weather-al” (depends on that day’s weather). Citrus Carpet Cleaning offers a better solution for all those days off with the opportunity to earn very good money.

This is NOT a STATEMENT OF INCOME. This is a example of of the POTENTIAL SALES and is for demonstration purposes only. With the exception of the $100 minimum, pricing is based on $40 an area.

Part Time Work Full Time Pay


Our citrus cleaning solution cleans amazingly well and our process are second to none! The simplicity of our carpet cleaning system and the effectiveness of how well our NON soapy solution works has to be seen.

You do not need a lot of money to start your own commercial and residential carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning business.

Did you know: A new truck mount cost between $13,300-$31,600 WITHOUT any accessories like a wand, hoses, shelving, etc.? Or you can buy a used one and take your chances with that. NOT a good idea! Plus you’ll need a large van or a trailer to mount it in.

We train you how clean both commercial properties and residential homes without the larger and on-going expense and hassle of a truck-mount or expensive van with better results and lower costs. No expensive van or high maintenance truck-mount needed!

Our 450+ page Operations, Training, Marketing and Equipment Manual, has sold for TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars. As a thank you and to show our appreciation for you hard work, service and to give you an easy option for a “second job,” it is available to you for only $99.00! Just click on the image below, or fill out our more information form below.


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